Pure Isolation Ltd

Pure Isolation Ltd Completes Construction of Phase #1 Facility Enabling Cultivation of Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis

Otago, New Zealand, Dec 15th, 2020 – Pure Isolation Ltd (the “company” or “Pure Isolation” or “PI”) is proud to announce that it has completed its “Phase 1” medicinal cannabis cultivation  facility. Pure Isolation Ltd is fully licensed for the cultivation and sale of cannabis under New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, and designed the facility with international pharmaceutical quality standards in mind.

“We’re employing a rapid prototyping process here” explains Managing Director and co-founder Mike Breeze. The company has completed construction of a fully-operational state of the art in-door cannabis cultivation facility which it says will be producing harvests to The New Zealand’s Minimum Quality Standard (NZMQS) within the year.

“The facility is a scale model of the larger version we plan to build over the medium term” says Mike Breeze. “We’re going to put our systems to the test and start proving and improving our systems now so that as the market grows, we’re prepared to grow with it”.

The facility is built on fully-owned farmland located in Otago New Zealand, and expanded phase 2 facility has a footprint of 2,800 SQM with a total estimated annual cultivation capacity of 5,000 kg of pharmaceutical grade Cannabis”.

“With the facility complete, now get to put our systems to the test” says Mike who expects the company to complete its first harvest within the next 8 to 12 months.

About Pure Isolation Ltd

Pure Isolation Ltd is one of the first fully-licensed Medicinal Cannabis companies in New Zealand. They operate a state of the art facility in Otago that employs advanced cultivation technology to grow consistent pharmaceutical quality cannabis. They are a quality control-first company and are aligned with global pharmaceutical quality standards including practising ISO9001 methodology, and operate best-in-class QMS software that fulfils GACP and GMP requirements. They have demonstrated an ability to cultivate cannabis to New Zealand’s Minimum Quality Standard (NZMQS) and through continued investment in technology and the intelligence of our systems, are positioned to play a leading global role in the cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis and production of medicinal cannabis products.