Pure Isolation Ltd

Pure Isolation Ltd Is One of the First New Zealand Based Companies to Be Fully Licensed for the Cultivation and Sale, of Medicinal Cannabis

Otago, New Zealand, Sept 17th, 2020 – Pure Isolation Ltd (the “company” or “Pure Isolation” or “PI”) is proud to announce that it has become one of the first New Zealand based companies to be fully licensed for the cultivation and sale of Medicinal Cannabis under New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis Scheme.

“It was the result of a lot of effort and a focus on what’s important” says Managing Director and Co-Founder Mike Breeze, who founded the company with his brother John.  “Having experience in regulatory environments really helped prepare us to meet the standards required” explains Mike who worked as a Management Consultant across numerous sectors including Local Government, Agriculture and Defence.

“We are a Quality Control company” explains Mike “The product produced will be Medicinal Cannabis, but our core Company focus is actually Quality Control”. 

“This is step 1” says Mike, “We have a long journey ahead of us. But we’re focused on the right things and have the right pieces in place”.

About Pure Isolation Ltd


Pure Isolation Ltd is one of the first fully-licensed Medicinal Cannabis companies in New Zealand.  We operate a state of the art facility near Dunedin that employs advanced cultivation technology to grow consistent pharmaceutical quality cannabis.  We are a quality control-first company and are aligned with global pharmaceutical quality standards including practicing ISO9001 methodology, and operate a best-in-class Quality Management System that fulfils GACP and GMP requirements.  We have demonstrated an ability to cultivate cannabis to New Zealand’s Minimum Quality Standard (NZMQS) and through continued investment in technology and the intelligence of our systems, are positioned to play a leading global role in the cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis and production of Medicinal Cannabis products.